Taper Thoughts

Tapering. I’m doing that, again. All this extra time to think and ponder.


Right now thoughts that are weighing heavily on me is Ironman Wisconsin 2016. Do I really want to sign up? How am I going to pay for it? Am I going to regret making that commitment? Will I get my shit together and train smart to finish a little faster?

Money is a huge consideration this year because John expressed desire to sign up as well. Two seven hundred dollar registrations, yikes. I didn’t start an Ironman savings account this year, so it’ll be a big dent on the credit card. I get a mid-year bonus from work, but I really want to blow it on a Standing Paddle Board instead. See? Commitment, I want to blow money on fun things. Ironman is fun things too. Argh.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have been enjoying a relaxing Summer with just 90 minute bike rides and runs on the weekend. I haven’t felt stressed or pressured to get long training miles in. Though on Sunday morning it was a perfect melty hot Summer day and I felt like I wanted to ride for a lot longer than 90 minutes, part of me even thought “What a great day for a four hour ride!

This Ironman thing is a sickness, isn’t it?

I still have a good month and a half to make my decision, but I predict it’ll be like the time I went to just “look” at puppies and came home with Dexter. Seriously, who goes to just look at puppies? Of course you come home with one!

what did i get myself into...

Volunteering and spectating at Ironman WI this year will make me absolutely sure I want to go for it again. John too, he was bitten hard by the triathlon bug. Actually, I blame him entirely for this taper right now, he was the one who persuaded me into an IM 70.3 Racine registration!

Oh taper.


So many triathlons, so little time

When I signed up for Ironman 70.3 Racine I wasn’t thinking training logistics, I was just thinking ALL THE TRIATHLONS!! Well, and John really wanted to squeeze another half iron distance in this year, so we signed up! Then when I took a closer look at the calendar I realized how little time I had between Toughman 70.3 and Racine, just one little month. In that month I had to recover from Toughman since it was my A-race, and went on a little vacation where I couldn’t bring my bike, and somehow get some quality miles in before a short one week taper.


It was tough, but at the moment I’m pleased with how things panned out. I PR’ed my A-race, got THISclose to age grouping at a sprint triathlon the weekend after, enjoyed my vacation, and am in the middle of a good week of quality training. Just a few more good workouts before I taper for Racine.

Yesterday during a slow, easy seven mile run I was thinking about what I expect out of Racine. It’s hard to predict considering¬†I had a¬†busy June training and racing schedule, but I’m thinking I’m going to leave it all on the course. It’s my last long distance triathlon this year. It’s flat, I’m feeling fairly confident, maybe I can snag another PR?