Candy, Calories and Spring Races

Happy post-Valentine’s Day candy sale time!! Yesterday my spouse came home with a large box of chocolates, I dove right in, knowing I’d have to spin it off later as I’m still being fairly diligent with MyFitnessPal calorie tracking. Reason I threw “fairly” in there is because usually by Friday I stomp my feet and say “nope, not today!” But that doesn’t mean that I go hog wild with my food choices on that day either, it just means I don’t want to feel guilty if I go a little bit over considering I’m consistently a few hundred under my goal Sunday through Thursday.


I wish I had a more exciting update on my calorie tracking progress. Without owning a scale, or thinking to use a tape measure before starting this I don’t really know if I’m making any progress. My pants all have a different story. Some pants are all “Hey, great job Slim!” and some pants are “keep tracking, you have work to do!

Speaking of work to do.. I finally signed up for two Spring races! One is the Parkinson’s Half Marathon in Cottage Grove WI where I want to for sure break 2 hours, but a PR would be sweet too. The other is the Sytennde Mai Run, a 20 mile race that goes from Madison to Stoughton, WI. For the 20 mile race I want to finish under 3 hours. This means I really need to write out a training plan, do some speed work, and get back to long running. Lately my long run has only been six miles! Eeeek!

Maybe, if it would warm up to double digits I would be more excited about long running! We keep getting below zero temps with gross wind chills in these parts. I top out at six miles on the treadmill. This is exactly why I didn’t sign up for a Spring marathon!

Though not “having” to accomplish a certain number of miles has been great, I’m excited about my Spring race choices and hope to smash the goals that I have for them!



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